Second Issue

Mikan Ve’eylakh: Journal for Diasporic Hebrew
First issue (Berlin and Paris, 2017). 184 pages. In Hebrew. Price: 10 EUR.

“Mikan Ve’eylakh: Journal for Diasporic Hebrew” is a literary and intellectual journal dedicated to the existence of Hebrew as a world language, scattered across space and time. “Mikan Ve’eylakh” is published in Berlin and in Paris by Medem Library Editions (Paris). Its issues consist of three sections: articles, fiction and poetry. The second issue appeared in June 2017.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Tal Hever-Chybowski


“Words That Come from the Heart, from a True Jewish Heart”: On the Relations Between Zionism and Diasporic Nationalism in Der yud by Roni Mazal
Arabic World Hebrew by Mostafa Hussein
Haggling over the ‘Mekakh’ Between Hebrew and Yiddish by Tal Hever-Chybowski
When a Jew Converts to Islam: On Religious Border-Crossings in the European Left by Hannah Tzuberi
Tikkun Leil Shavuot, Berlin 2016 by Ron Naiweld
On the Origins of ‘Judaism’: A Philological Investigation by Daniel Boyarin
Patriotism and its Consequences by Sholem-Yankev Abramovitsh


An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump by Einat Bady
Broken Hebrew by Tomer Gardi
Bonsoir, Madame Benhamou by Barbara Honigmann
True Rest: the Old Twelve Apostles Graveyard by Dorit Kedar
Rue Saint-Sulpice by Marcel Aymé
A Sabbath Like All Others by Maurice Olender
Books by Avrom Reyzen


Sign of Shame by Zehava Khalfa
Disappointment by Loulou Omer
Poems of Crossing by Miriam Neiger-Fleischmann
Cold Drips Down the Train Window by Rony Efrat
I Am Pharaoh’s Slave by Zehava Khalfa
In Your Night by Yemima Hadad
Man-Island by Keren Sales-Nissim
My Top Ten by Rony Efrat